23 April 2021

My New Magnetic Loop 40 Meter:

RX - were excellent, 

TX - not very good at the moment, but sure I am going to do something about it.... will let you know.

26 March 2021

My new homebrew project: 3 elements collapsible YAGI dual bands 144-148 MHz TX RX

and 430-450MHz RX TX , good for portable

above pic : Fully folded 

bottom pic: Fully Open

19 February 2021

Please copy the link below to read about my new EFHW 40-10M

If interested please contact me at chehamid@yahoo.com

Bahasa Malaysia:


English coming soon

17 February 2021


My new invention made to order 

End Fed Half Wave QRO : 3 Banders 40m, 20m, and 10m

Does not need a tuner or radial or grounding. Good RX TX from 1Watt to 120Watts SSB/LSB and 50Watts on FM

(Not designed for 6m)


30 January 2021

My new invention : Made to order

22 November 2020

 Aerial view of my QTH (my house)

25 March 2020

Lock Down - Covid19

Lockdown Covid-19
QRP 5Watts 7.130MHz
In-front of my House
Catched a few stations in Indonesia
The Philippine and Thailand
MFJ-1640T X 2 mini dipole with
a home-brewed center connector
RG58 rf cable on 6 meter telescopic 
fibre glass fishing road with
YAESU FT-818ND......